1996, Postgraduate

Can you focus on the details while understanding the bigger ideas? During this year I split my time between the University of Cape Town and the Mac School at Concept, during which I learned granular skills such as how to use design software and broader skills such as advertising thinking and how to mentor.

I started a postgraduate theatre degree at the University of Cape Town. During that time I also started an HDE (Higher Diploma in Education) and learned how to plan a lesson and teach first year undergraduates. But I hit the wall that many 21 year olds do when they have studied for too long and have yet to apply their thinking in a broader society: restlessness kicked in and I abandoned it after 4 months.

Then I discovered a desktop publishing course and found my way back to visual design. I studied in an advertising agency, easily impressed by the fact that they served all their clients coca-cola in traditional glass bottles while they waited in the air-conditioned modernist oasis on Long Street. I learned to use a Mac, manipulate photographs, illustrate on a computer and how to experiment with layout. Mostly I realised that I already knew how to to think like a designer and all I was learning was a method of execution, one which would get me a job.



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