Sitecore Digital Survivor Webinar: From In-Store to Online – Ecommerce in a Post-Channel World

It was great to be able to present a Sitecore Digital Survivor webinar on the topic of Ecommerce with Tom Beeby, Partner and Executive Technical Director at DT. In a world in which customers can access live competitor pricing on their phone while in standing in your store, where you can buy online and collect in person and customer complaints can be resolved via a tweet, ‘ecommerce’ has changed irrevocably. In a post-channel world, it is simply ‘commerce’, and retailers must pivot their approaches accordingly:


  • Why ecommerce can no longer stand alone; examples of global service innovations
  • Creating service blueprints and how they bridge the gaps
  • Click and collect; the perfect marriage of online and offline – Case study
  • Connecting the dots between data silos to enable real-time decision-making
  • Evolving the operating model to support always-on testing & optimisation

Hear and watch our thoughts for yourselves.